Designing our new trams and trains

The Victorian Government is taking the next step in designing next-generation trams and regional trains to keep Victoria moving.

Manufacturers have been invited to develop proposals and participate in a collaborative design process for the new trams and trains, with design and engineering workshops to be held in coming months.

The next-generation trams will be fully accessible and include on board energy storage, reducing the need for power upgrades.

Together with the 50 new E-Class trams ordered by the Victorian Government since 2015, the new trams will mean older high-floor trams can be retired.

The new regional trains will be fully accessible, energy efficient and capable of carrying more passengers.

The final proposals will need to maximise local content and jobs and integrate with Victoria’s existing public transport network, reducing the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

The development process will provide the Labor Government with well-informed proposals to choose the best new trains and trams to meet Victoria’s needs.

More than $4.5 billion has been invested in new and upgraded rolling stock and supporting infrastructure since 2015 to get people where they need to go safer and sooner.

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