Community, industry input shaping Williamstown foreshore

We’re planning for the future of the Williamstown Maritime Precinct, while protecting and building on its thriving maritime and cultural heritage so it can continue to be enjoyed by locals and visitors for decades to come.

As an iconic part of Melbourne, the Williamstown foreshore is a premier maritime and tourist destination, providing an important space for the local community.

The Williamstown foreshore provides a place for recreational, educational, tourism, cultural and commercial activities, attracting more than 100,000 visitors from around Victoria, interstate and overseas each year.

We’re investing $200,000 to develop a Williamstown Maritime Precinct Framework, which will be designed around the needs of those who use the foreshore to create a holistic vision for the precinct while remaining true to its legacy as a heritage port.

Development of the framework has already begun, with the community, industry, government agencies and local council providing input to guide future opportunities for the foreshore. 

The draft framework has identified a number of opportunities to unlock possible benefits for future land use and infrastructure upgrades and sets out a vision underpinned by a series of strategic directions. 

Feedback on the draft framework is being sought to ensure the final framework complements the community and industry that use the area, providing a balance between the strong heritage and allocation of peaceful and active areas within the precinct.

Expected to be completed in early 2021, the rafmework is being developed in conjunction with the Williamstown Wave Surge Study currently being undertaken by Parks Victoria.