Changes on the West Gate Freeway

Drivers can expect traffic changes on the West Gate Freeway inbound from 5am on 28 February, as work on the West Gate Tunnel Project powers on.

Drivers will be shifted to different sections of the freeway throughout the works, allowing construction sites to be set up on the freeway’s existing lanes, which are being rebuilt from the ground up.

From Monday, there will be changes to the layout of the West Gate Freeway between Millers Road and the West Gate Bridge as the inbound lanes are split over Williamstown Road.  

These changes mean drivers travelling inbound to the city will need to make an earlier decision about the lane they travel in to access their freeway exit ramp.  

Shortly after Millers Road, two of the four inbound lanes will veer left, creating two separate carriageways.

Drivers wishing to exit at Williamstown Road will need to use the two left lanes, or face a 9 kilometre detour via the West Gate Bridge and a u-turn at Cook Street/Todd Road.

We urge drivers who miss the Williamstown Road exit to avoid making unsafe, last-minute lane changes.

Those travelling across the West Gate Bridge can use either carriageway at the split, as all four lanes will join up again past Williamstown Road.  

To keep drivers safe, the speed limit will also be reduced to 60km/h for a 900-metre stretch of the West Gate Freeway between the Muir Street pedestrian bridge in Spotswood and Williamstown Road.    

The speed limit at this location will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Shifting traffic allows work to take place on various lanes of the road without having to close the freeway for extended periods of time.
This allows work on the West Gate Freeway widening in this area to continue while work ramps up on the citybound tunnel entry.

The West Gate Tunnel Project is widening the West Gate Freeway from eight to 12 through lanes to provide quicker and safer trips for the more than 200,000 drivers who use the freeway daily.