Cardinia Road level crossing removal months ahead of schedule

The dangerous and congested Cardinia Road level crossing will be removed months ahead of schedule when the new road bridge opens to traffic by the end of the year.

More than 23,000 vehicles travel through the Cardinia Road level crossing each day where boom gates can be down for a third of the morning peak. The new road bridge will reduce congestion, improve travel times, and boost safety for the growing community and surrounding suburbs.

Construction of the road bridge over the Pakenham line has rapidly taken shape in recent months with strict safety measures in place, supporting local jobs through the pandemic. Crews’ rapid progress will allow the new bridge to open in December following a two-week construction blitz, months ahead of the original 2021 completion date.

Earlier this year, crews worked around the clock to install 24 giant bridge beams over the rail line. Since this major milestone, crews have been placing crushed rock to build up the new road embankments at each end of the bridge.

During the two-week construction blitz at the end of the year, crews will work around the clock to get the new Cardinia Road bridge ready for traffic, connecting the existing Cardinia Road to the bridge, laying asphalt, completing line-marking and installing signage.

More than a kilometre of new pedestrian and shared paths will also open ahead of schedule early next year, connecting residents to Cardinia Road Station, local bus stops and the Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Work on a new community open space under the road bridge will start in early 2021, opening up space for locals to come together, exercise and relax. Final plans are being shaped by more than 500 pieces of community feedback and will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

To enable crews to complete the new road bridge, Cardinia Road will be closed for two weeks from 9pm Friday 20 November to 5am Monday 7 December. When the bridge opens to traffic on 7 December, trains and traffic will be safely separated, removing the level crossing for good.

The Government is investing over $15 billion in projects to improve the Pakenham line, with more benefits still to come when three more level crossings at Racecourse Road, McGregor Road and Main Street in Pakenham are removed by 2025 and a new Pakenham superstation is built.

By 2025, 75 level crossings will be removed and Cardinia Road will be the 44th gone for good in December. For more information about Victoria’s transport infrastructure projects, visit