Boosting safety at key South-East intersection

The Victorian Government has made one of the busiest intersections on the South Gippsland Highway safer, with the installation of flashing safety signs now complete.

Works are now complete at the intersection, which has had 26 collisions and a double fatality between 2008 and 2018.

Two flashing signs have been installed at the southern approach to the intersection as part of the $200,000 investment to boost safety.

The current static signs on the north approach have also been upgraded as part of the works which will increase driver awareness of the approaching intersection.

The electronic flashing signs will activate as motorists approach an amber light at the traffic lights at South Gippsland Highway and Lynbrook Boulevard intersection, giving drivers advanced warning and more time to safely slow down.

Other safety improvements have been made at this intersection in recent years, including red light and speed cameras, upgrading traffic signal lanterns to LED technology and static “Prepare to Stop” warning signs in both directions.