Boosting cycling safety in Wangaratta

Safety for cyclists on Phillipson Street, Wangaratta, has been improved with the completion of dedicated lanes separating riders from traffic between Sisely Avenue and Edwards Street.

The upgrade was delivered as part of a joint commitment by the Australian and Victorian governments under the nationwide Road Safety Program.

Increasing safety for some of our most vulnerable road users, the separated cycle lanes will reduce the risk of collisions between vehicles and cyclists, while providing riders with more room to travel safely and reducing congestion by creating a better flow of traffic.

The new cycle lanes will benefit both locals and visitors, creating a more connected cycling corridor.

Providing a north-south connection for cyclists through west Wangaratta, these improvements will link existing bike lanes and create a safe route to One Mile Creek trail.

This section of Phillipson Street is also a key cycling route for students at Wangaratta West Primary School, St Bernard’s Primary School, Wangaratta High School and Galen Catholic College.

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