All we want for Christmas is safe drivers and saved lives

The Victorian Government is urging all Victorians to stay safe and drive sensibly as we head into one of the most dangerous times of the year on our roads.

With the festive season upon us, school holidays beginning, and after a particularly challenging couple of years, Victorians will be more eager than ever to get out and about.

Importantly, Victoria Police will also be out in force during this period as part of Operation Roadwise, which runs from Friday 17 December to Sunday 26 December 2021.

Police from state and local road policing units, general duties and other operational policing units will be targeting driving offences across metropolitan and regional Victoria to take dangerous drivers off the road and save lives.

During last year’s Operation Roadwise, 10 people lost their lives on our roads and Victoria Police detected more than 14,216 traffic offences, including 6,201 speeding offences and a further 463 people caught drink driving and 535 people caught with drugs in their system.

This year’s Operation Roadwise is a timely reminder to all road users to take care, as the state’s road toll sits at 226 this year, compared to 198 for the same time last year.

In honour of these lives, a Christmas tree with baubles representing each of the lives lost on our roads this year is now up at the Victoria Police headquarters – a reminder that lives lost on our roads is not about statistics, it’s about real families who have experienced the trauma of losing a loved one.

Drivers are reminded not to drink or take drugs if they’re planning to drive, and to use simple strategies that can reduce risks on the road, including driver reviver strategies to avoid fatigue, staying off mobile phones while driving, and being alert on unfamiliar roads.