Statutory planning

Each year, the Department of Transport considers over 6,000 planning permit referrals to assess what impact the proposed use and development of land will have on the operation, assets and safety of the state transport network.

By considering these referrals, the department is able to make sure that as land use change occurs, we are able to plan and protect the transport network for the future.   

The Department of Transport undertakes this role as the ‘Head, Transport for Victoria’ as defined in the Transport Integration Act 2010.  

The following information has been prepared to provide advice and guidance regarding the statutory planning process within the Department of Transport. 

  • Planning permit steps: Information on the necessary steps taken when your planning permit is referred onto Department of Transport for consideration.
  • Signs: Information regarding signs, where a planning permit is required.
  • Planning Permit Register: Councils are often required to refer planning permit applications to various government agencies, including us.
  • Statutory planning contacts: Contact your local Department of Transport statutory planning team for more information on the planning process.