Advance technology and assets

Leverage new technologies and optimise the performance of transport system assets.

Advance technology and assets

Key achievements

A more productive road network for freight - In 2021-22, DoT improved infrastructure by:

  • replacing the bridge on the Girgarre-Rushworth Road, Warranga Basin Channel - $4.3 million
  • strengthening the bridge on Harrow-Balmoral Road over Linear Rail Reserve - $2.4 million
  • strengthening works on the Princes Highway over Emu Creek Floodplain - $0.6 million.

East Gippsland rail freight services - The Fenning Intermodal Freight Terminal in Bairnsdale is purpose-built and dedicated to make rail freight more efficient for producers and businesses. The first stage was completed and opened in May 2022.

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Program - The Victorian Transport Association was allocated $500,000 a year to deliver the transport and logistics industry-based training program. Sixty new heavy vehicle drivers will enter the transport and logistics sector each year until 2022-23.  

RSV received $1.5 million to speed up Austroads’ harmonising of heavy vehicle licensing standards and national training to ensure drivers have the knowledge, skills, competence and experience to drive heavy vehicles safely. The program is due to finish in December 2023. 

Heavy Vehicle Permit Reform Roadmap - A gazetted performance-based standards network for high productivity freight vehicles was introduced to reduce the administrative burden for operators of the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly freight vehicles.

Mode Shift incentive scheme (MSIS) - The Victorian Government is committed to getting trucks off local roads and giving exporters more options through the MSIS. The MSIS continued to provide support to the transport of containerised export freight by rail to the Port of Melbourne (PoM).

Multicultural fishers welcome new in-language app - It’s now easier for Cantonese or Vietnamese speaking recreational fishers to stay up to date with fishing rules. The free GoFishVic smartphone app now offers in-language content, and new educational animated videos have been added to the VFA YouTube channel.

Myki capability improvements - From November 2021, myki card capability was further upgraded to allow instantaneous funds top-up to a myki Money balance from an iOS or Android smartphone at any time.

Pier and jetty upgrades - This year local port managers:

  • repaired and reopened Middle Brighton Pier
  • re-decked the loading and unloading section of Port Welshpool Marginal Wharf, supporting commercial operations
  • extended the Portland Trawler Wharf pontoon and walkways, adding berths for commercial fishers
  • repaired the historic Queenscliff South Pier lifeboat shed.

Port rail shuttle network - In December 2021, works commenced at Dandenong South and at the PoM for the Port Rail Transformation project. They include a new rail terminal interfacing with the East Swanson Dock container terminal. 

In April 2022, works commenced at the intermodal terminal at Altona. When completed, freight will be able to be transported from both these terminals to the PoM by rail.

Rock lobster tags go digital - Victoria’s recreational rock lobster tagging program went 100 per cent digital on 15 September 2021, greatly reducing its environmental footprint. 

St Kilda Pier - Pier works started in February 2022 and will deliver:

  • a wider, more accessible walkway for safer pedestrian and vehicles access
  • more toilets
  • improved gathering and seating space near the St Kilda Pier kiosk
  • improved city and bay views
  • greater protection for the breakwater’s Little Penguin colony.

Towards Zero technologies - DoT’s pioneering research into new and emerging technologies included a track study involving sleep deprived drivers operating a dual-controlled vehicle for two hours. A driving instructor in the passenger seat ensured safety during all study activities. The technology reliably detected dangerous driver fatigue. A further controlled roadside test with Victoria Police revealed the modifications needed to make the technology operational.