Road works flurry delivers for Green Triangle

While drivers in south-western Victoria are already experiencing the benefits of upgrades to three vital regional freight routes in the Green Triangle - one of Australia’s major forestry, farming and mining regions - the next phase of works is due to start in September 2018.

Extensive works recently completed– spanning the southern border area between South Australia and Victoria – included upgrading two kilometres of the Portland Ring Road, the Portland Ring Road intersection at Madeira Packet Road and about 13 kilometres of the Henty Highway.

Multiple roads have also been resurfaced, including about 30 kilometres of roadway between Portland and the South Australian border, the Henty Highway/Princes Highway intersection, near Portland, and nine kilometres between Heywood and Hamilton.

The upgrades included a final seal on about 32 kilometres of previously rebuilt roadway between Casterton and Drumborg.

Works to improve about 15 kilometres of Portland-Casterton Road will start later this year.

About four kilometres of road rebuilding works also taking place between Merino and Casterton.

A final seal will also be laid on about 24 kilometres of the Portland-Nelson Road between Portland and the South Australian border - just over one kilometre of the road is being rebuilt near Nelson.

The Australian and Victorian governments have invested $20 million apiece in the $40 million project, over four years, to upgrade the Henty Highway, Portland-Casterton Road and Portland-Nelson Road – the key arterials serving the Port of Portland.