New plan to get more Victorians cycling

A new plan has been launched to get more Victorians on bicycles for trips to work, school and around their neighbourhoods.

The Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28 sets a pathway to increase the number of people cycling for transport, including commuter and local trips.

By 2050, Melbourne's transport network will need to cater for an extra 10.5 million trips a day - with regional cities to face similar pressures.

Increasing the number of trips made by bike will help relieve pressure on Victoria's transport network and provide significant health benefits.

The strategy aims to get more people on bikes by delivering a safer, lower-stress, better-connected network and building a more inclusive cycling culture.

It will guide planning and investment in cycling for the next decade, starting with allocation of the government's $100 million Safer Cyclists and Pedestrians Fund.

Through the strategy the government will invest in more direct, separated cycle paths to work, school and other key destinations, make it easier for cyclists to park their bikes at stations or take them on a train or bus, and support local councils to deliver important neighbourhood links.

The strategy will also support initiatives that promote cycling to women, children and senior Victorians, who are underrepresented in cycling, and better educate users about how to share the road.

The strategy has been shaped by the views of more than 2780 Victorians, experts from San Francisco, London and other great international cycling cities.