Introducing Better Boating Victoria transcript

[Minister for Fishing and Boating Hon Jaala Pulford MP speaks]

I’m confident that by the time everyone’s putting their boats back in the water come the spring that they’ll be able to do this without paying those fees.

The money that is raised from the fees that people pay to register their boats or to have licences for their boats will all go into better boating safety and better boating facilities.

That’s our promise and that is what we’re delivering on.

The way that we’re going to do that is we’re going to create the Better Boating fund. 

To do that, we need to pass a new law in the parliament.

That’s being developed now, that’s well advanced.

I’m confident that we will have that legislation in the parliament in the second half of this year.

What we know at the moment is that the management arrangements for boat ramps are all over the shop.

We’ve got lots and lots of different councils who all take a slightly different approach. 

We’ve got different committees of management, different public land managers, including some of our own departments and agencies. 

What we want is something that is consistent and that will deliver a consistent and a much better experience.

We’ll make sure that everyone’s got an opportunity to have their say because getting this right is really important.