Road safety legislation

Road Safety Act 1986

Amongst its functions, the Road Safety Act 1986 seeks to provide for safe road use and sets out obligations that apply to road users.

The Road Safety Act sets the framework for regulating:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver licensing
  • Automated vehicles
  • Penalties and offences; and
  • Sale and transfer of vehicles

Supporting the act are several regulations, including the Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

DoT works with VicRoads, Victoria Police and the Department of Justice and Community Safety to implement the provisions of the Road Safety Act and the associated regulations.

The Transport Accident Act 1986

As part of its function to provide a transport accident compensation scheme, the Transport Accident Act 1986 requires the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to promote safety in the use of transport and prevention of transport accidents.

In partnership with the Department of Treasury and Finance, DoT shares portfolio responsibility for the Transport Accident Act.

The Heavy Vehicle National Law Application Act 2013 (Victoria)

Among other objectives, the Heavy Vehicle National Law aims to promote public safety and safe business practices.

It establishes:

  • chain of responsibility arrangements for heavy vehicle operations
  • the standards regarding the use and condition of heavy vehicles
  • duties related to driver fatigue
  • a system of permits; and
  • work diary requirements