Safety legislation

The Department of Transport works closely with the agencies, commissions and independent offices who are keeping our roads, waterways, ports, trains, trams, buses, footpaths and bike paths safe.

DoT works with the independent transport safety offices that administer transport safety regulations and investigate transport incidents.

The Office of the Chief Investigator, Transport Safety, is a statutory position established by the Transport Integration Act 2010.

The Chief Investigator investigates bus, marine, rail and tram incidents and reports the results to the Minister for Public Transport or the Minister for Ports.

The Office is independent. Its investigations determine what factors caused an incident rather than who was to blame.

Transport Safety Victoria, the independent statutory office of the Director, Transport Safety, was established by the TIA.

It administers bus, maritime and rail safety legislation, licenses operators, monitors compliance and investigates and reports on transport and maritime safety.

DoT works with VicRoads and the Victorian Police to oversee and administer the Road Safety Act 1986.

Towards Zero is Victoria’s plan to ensure no one is seriously injured on our roads.

It acknowledges that we all face risks on our roads. But our choice to use the roads shouldn’t cost us our lives. That’s why we need to have a safe transport system in place.

We work with the Transport Accident Commission to build a system that protects us from our own mistakes and those of others.

DoT also works with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator to oversee the safety of Victoria’s rail networks


Transport safety schemes

The Transport (Safety Schemes Compliance and Enforcement) Act 2014 commenced on 19 May 2014.

The act provides Transport Safety Victoria with detailed entry, search, seizure and questioning powers and administrative sanctions to support Victoria's rail, bus and marine
safety schemes.

This means Victoria's transport safety schemes have the same level of compliance and enforcement as the national transport schemes.

The act also applies national directors' liability reform principles to transport safety by limiting the liability of officers where an offence is committed by the corporation to specified circumstances and offences.

This is part of a whole of government approach to clarifying the liability of corporate officers for corporate offending and reduces the burden on industry.