The Department of Transport develops regulatory policy, legislation and regulations on behalf of the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Minister for Public Transport, Ports and Freight and the Minister for Roads, Road Safety, TAC, Fishing and Boating.

The Transport Integration Act is Victoria's principal transport Act, bringing together the whole transport portfolio under one statute for the first time.

The Act informs our vision for an integrated and sustainable transport system that contributes to an inclusive, prosperous and environmentally responsible state.

The legislation tells us what we need to aim for in our work.

The six legislated objectives are: social and economic inclusion; economic prosperity; environmental sustainability; integration of transport and land use; efficiency, coordination and reliability; safety, health and wellbeing.

The Act also sets eight principles that guide our decision-making.

We are striving to deliver a transport system that is fair for everyone, no matter where they live.

Other principles include: understanding the perspective of the transport system user; stakeholder engagement and community participation; and integrated decision making through coordination between all levels of government and government agencies and the private sector.

Integrated transport legislation is essential to the creation of an integrated transport system.