The Department of Transport (DoT), Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and VicRoads came together as one new Department of Transport on 1 July 2019.

The staff, statutory functions and powers of PTV and VicRoads, excluding registration and licensing functions and some heavy vehicle functions, have been transferred or delegated to DoT under relevant statutory instruments under the Transport Integration Act 2010 and the Public Administration Act 2004.

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DoT works closely with the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) in delivering the major transport projects in planning and construction.

DoT and MTIA ensure major construction activities and disruptions are coordinated across the transport network, including plans to keep people moving through major works periods.

MTIA is comprised of the following project teams:

  • Level Crossing Removal Project
  • North East Link Project
  • West Gate Tunnel Project
  • Major Road Projects Victoria
  • Rail Projects Victoria

Secretary, Department of Transport

Paul Younis was appointed Secretary of the Department of Transport on 26 March 2019.

Mr Younis, who had been acting in the role since the Department was created on 1 January 2019, was Deputy Head of Transport for Victoria (2017-2019) where he steered the planning and coordination of key transport projects.

Originally from Victoria's south-west, Mr Younis has extensive experience in running regional and metropolitan councils and infrastructure projects.
The Secretary also holds the position of Head, Transport for Victoria - a statutory office established under the Transport Integration Act 2010.
The Head plays a key strategic role in ensuring Victoria’s growing transport system is integrated and coordinated.

Our ministers

The Department of Transport supports and provides advice to three transport sector ministers.

Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Minister for Transport Infrastructure
Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop

Hon Ben Carroll MP
Minister for Public Transport
Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Ben Carroll

Acts administered by the Minister for Public Transport 
Acts administered by the Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Hon Melissa Horne MP
Minister for Ports and Freight
Minister for Fishing and Boating

Visit the Victorian Government media centre for the latest transport media releases.

Parliamentary secretary

Vicki Ward, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport

Vicki Ward


Organisation chart

Organisation chart - described below

Organisation chart description

At the top center is the Secretary Paul Younis.

To the left, the Secretary is linked to:

  • Legal General Counsel
  • Strategic Communications

To the right, the Secretary is linked to:

  • Office of the Secretary
  • Intergovernmental Relations

Below, the Secretary is linked to:

  • Policy and innovation 

  • Network Planning

  • Network integration

  • Transport opreations

  • Investment and technology

  • People and business services.