Video Transcript: Celebrating Women in Transport

[Title: Women in Transport]

[Vision: Construction site - Women in Transport - Transport Victoria]

Michelle - Director: People and Culture

[Vision: Aerial view of construction site - John Holland and Level Crossing Removal Authority staff]

It’s no secret that Victoria has another $2 billion worth of investment coming into infrastructure over the course of the next three years, so essentially this is about future proof in our workforce.

[Vision: People on construction site]

It’s about attracting and retaining female engineers across the transport sector.

[Vision: Michelle speaking]

This initiative really connects the industry and creates a pool of talent that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Esther - Senior Project Manager

[Vision: People at level crossing]

The mentoring program is a great initiative.

[Vision: Esther speaking]

I’m really excited to make the transition a little easier for young engineers to enter into senior management and leadership roles.

[Vision: Women at construction site working]

And also I’m excited to see so many industry players being a part of it.

Rebecca - Site Engineer

[Vision: Rebecca and mentor in office]

I think it’s really valuable as a young engineer to have a mentor-like figure, someone to share experiences with and gain knowledge from.

[Vision: Rebecca speaking]

I think it’s a really rewarding career, especially being able to build something and construct something.

[Vision: Aerial view of construction site]

It gives back to the community as well and definitely helps shape the state we live in.

[Vision: Michelle speaking]

My excitement will come from in six to 12 months’ time when we start to hear their stories and understand how that community of females is really starting to come together and make a difference across the transport sector.